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02. elokuuta 2018

SAS perunut kesällä lentojaan lentäjäpulan vuoksi.

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30. heinäkuuta 2018

Saksan kallein meikki­laukku – yhden naisen erhe kasvoi kymmenien­tuhansien matkustajien kaaokseksi Münchenin lento­kentällä

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30. heinäkuuta 2018

Kiinan viisumihakemuslomake uudistuu 1.8.2018.

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maalis 2018

The first 2018 edition of On Business – HRG’s client and industry magazine – is out now. View the digital edition for a host of interesting news and features including: In the age of IATA’s New Distribution Capabilities, industry experts discuss what NDC looks like in practice, and how HRG is leading the way. Meetings are a part of […]

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marras 2017

The latest edition of On Business from HRG has landed. In this issue, we talk about;
The arrival of Chatbots: What are they? And how are they helping HRG deliver exceptional service for our travellers?

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heinä 2017

In the latest issue of the magazine HRG’s Global Director hrgtec, Nigel Meyer, introduces HRG’s recent next-generation travel management company acquisition, and how this technology aims to simplify and enhance the SME corporate travel sector. Plus, discover the new, improved version of the win-win-win situation and how it’s supporting our global partner network and providing our multinational client base with service solutions that perfectly fit their needs.

On Business

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